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The lathe is an old Herbert Flashcap Capstan Lathe. It had the home workshop treatment in that the air chuck and fittings have been removed, plates made for 4 jaw independent, 3 jaw self centering and manual collect chucks. A Variable speed inverter drive which provides spindle speeds from a few rpm to 3000 rpm with its 3 HP motor.

The Top slide screw has been replaced, the one and a quarter pitch thread was hard to work with, so this is now an 8 TPI screw.


A similar treatment was done to the main carriage lead screw, again going for an 8 TPI thread.

Although originally meant for brass work, with the spindle speeds and HP, it is just at home with steel and Carbide Insert tooling, a good basic workhorse.


Champion Mill

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Champion Mill

This is my Champion Mill.  It has a MT 3 spindle and 1/2 Hp motor.  Speed range is in 4 steps from 400 to 1640 rpm. At a weight of 300lbs, it is not a heavy machine, that is until you have to move it?

The lack of a key way on the vertical column will mean loss of register if I have to move the head up and down, but in a similar way to the Dore Westbury mill, has full head rotation of 360 degrees around the column and 90 degrees tilt in relation to the table.  This can allow some very weird milling profiles with standard cutters.

This machine has now been modified to have basic CNC table and quill movement.


Harrison Horizontal or Vertical Mill

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Harrison Mill

This is a very useful basic machine. With both horizontal arbor and vertical head, it means that the Mill can do plenty of "Standard operations".

The horizontal speed range goes from 40 to 1000 rpm and cutters ranging from 2 to 5 inch dia, 1/8 inch to 5 inch in length.  The speed range is stepped up on the vertical head.
The 3 phase 2 HP motor is running from 240 AC mains by use of a Variable Frequency Drive.  A recent addition of power drive to the X axis also makes it a nicer machine to have.


Welding and tools

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Other equipment includes RTech units with TIG, MIG and stick facilities.
Not something I use a lot of but are there when required. they are certainly lighter then the Oxford Oil cooled MMA sets I had first started off with.

Last but not least, a band saw, bench grinder, hand grinders as well as various tools mean I can apply myself to many small tasks when I have the will power.
Later additions have been the Vibratory finishing tub, a tube bender for 1-3/4inch CDS tube, a Ring roller and my small CNC Plasma table.

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