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Arty stuff

One of the hardest things I am trying to do is learn CAD.  I use Qcad in Linux, there is a fee for the pro version but it is minimal and worth it to me, you also get 12 months free updates.

So trying and come up with a project that will be liked by the household is difficult.  I have cut out a few small animals and painted them to go in the garden amidst the flowers, as a cat, bird and butterfly, this time I thought I would do a peacock planterI drew it when I had the burn out of the plasma cutter so was a good test of the repair as there are lots of pierces!

I play at powder coating as well!


A lot of time is spent wondering about having machine X or tool Y, should I buy it, could I make it?
Many times it is a case of, it would be nice if I could just do such a thing.  So we all have our projects. recently I have built a Vibratory finishing tube, a roll bender and the CNC plasma, well that has it's own page.  The roll bender and Vibratory tub are both a means to an end for me.  the Vibratory tub is used to de-burr steel, generally after I have been using the plasma cutter, but could be used to take the edges off lathe, milling or general cutting work.

The bending rolls for taking straights and making them arced or circular, be it flat bar of round tube.

So without further  adieu.

The Vibratory Tub

I saw this project on the forums and thought to myself, I could use one of them for myself, but not having the same starting point such as a large tube as the original author I had to change a few things around, I had steel sheet, bought some angle and had the plasma, what more would I want. (springs, bearings, motor etc).
Here is a simple photo diary of events, little by way of words but I am sure you get the idea.

There are even a couple of youtube videos:


The Roll Bender

Again more of a picture explanation, rather than words, if you need any explanations you can always email me.

The tube at the end formed a hoop used to operate the ring roller. Here is a video of it in use.

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