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Adrian H

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I welcome you to this simple site, here I hope you will find something that is of interest to keep you around even if only for a few minutes.

The theme in the following pages is mostly metal craft:

We have a home built car that was on the road from the end of 2009 with pages detailing the build and IVA test to allow it to be driven on the UK roads.

A page showing my part time workshop, an old lathe, milling machine and a Chinese mill that was converted to very simple CNC operation.

My Chinese Cut 40 Plasma project that keeps on growing with CNC control, a home made THC and an auto zero Z axis.

You will find embedded media from Youtube on the various pages where I have linked to my videos.  These are provided in the hope they are of use to you in making you own gear to work with metal.

There is a few projects, mostly tools to assist in the build process, possibly even some items I could sell one day.

In the end enjoy yourself, but be safe.

I have been getting lots of spam so emails are stopped for a while.