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This is to support the videos, activities in the workshop and time assisting other like minded people.  I appreciate it will never be a money spinner as competing with the Fabrication places would be very hard to do, but if you think of things I could make in small quantities then send me an email and I   will look into it.

Actual physical items I would only like to ship within mainland UK as postage and packaging would be a major item for me.

But I have a small quantity of my stylised Peacocks for sale at £38.00.  The ones I am selling on here were actually laser-cut and come in bare metal to allow you to finish them yourself, or to leave to rust and then varnish later.

This was my prototype and I have powder coated it, not everyone’s taste in colours I can imagine.

It will come in the post as a flat-pack all you do is slot the pats together.

It is cut from 1.5mm thick steel and stands at approx 340mm tall, 470mm wide and 193mm deep.
The two small pockets for plants or other items are approximately 68 x 70 x 70 (WxLxD) mm.
Weight is 1.74 Kg and comes as 7 pieces of metal that you just slot together.
Home made plasma cut ones are on my ETSY Shop.

Looks like postage would cost around £6.50

I would also sell the dxf for this at £3.00. Again on the ETSY shop.

A hand grinder wall hook!

A simple idea.

Even did a video some time ago about making a press brake and doing the grinder hooks.

I have three in my workshop/garage to hold what I have, one just has to remember to put them on the hooks when finished.  Meant for 4 inch or 115mm but it also holds the 5 inch on the left there.

I have a few of these available at the moment, I have powder coated them in gloss grey, but ignore that as I am still learning the technique of this powder coating  so assume it is a decorative finish in gloss grey.  Consider what is going on them anyway, it will soon get scraped or chipped  with a grinder.

These or ones in plain metal so they could be welded to your welding cart if you wish £5.00 plus post which should be small parcel so with wrapping £3.30, should be able to send a few in the same box?

All payments can be done via paypal to my email address or on my Etsy Shop, but please before you buy anything email me so we can discuss delivery time-scales etc. The dxf I can obviously email back.

My very new Etsy shop is available here: Tamarisktechnicals on Etsy

Same items but gives you more payment options if required.

The last option

If you wish, to just support the information I post on here and in my video's is to just send a donation via Paypal to my email address below, just please add a note so I know what it is for and I can thank you.  The value of the donation is up to you I could suggest anything from £5, £10, £50, £100, £100 £1,000, no what ever you wish will be fine by me.

I hope you find the information I provide of value.


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